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Why? Great beer that’s why. The Brewers Co-Op opened this year in Albert Road Woodstock. So what is a Co-Op? It is ‘An association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual, social, economic, and cultural benefit’. Fourteen guys have clubbed together to created this association to cooperate for the mutual benefit of making great beer.  The brewers backgrounds vary and all have day jobs but have all dabbled to different levels in the fine art of home brewing.


The Beerhouse team visited the co-op and were shown around by Rob Ambler-Smith one of the ‘Co-Opers’ . We got a look at the small but impressive Brewery that is fully automated and controlled through software on a lap top, something usually reserved for the big boys with the mega bucks. Such ingenuity goes along way in the micro-brewing world.


So a society without a democratically elected leader or dictator despot? How does that work? Is it not chaos, who brews when? These were some of the questions from the team. Rob is under no illusion that it has not always been easy but the co-operation has been maintained and nurtured through committees that take responsibility for admin (uuurgh), brewing schedules and looking after there show room. The bar is a small but impressive set up with each of the Co-Opers installing their choice of tap handle. From dinosaurs to bugles it makes for an impressive back bar. However what is most impressive about this place is the beer. These guys are making excellent small batch beer and the variety of styles is outstanding. “For me personally, the best thing as a brewer is the ability to brew new beers and continue to be experimental. As a customer, I also love the fact that you can come in every week, and there will be something new on tap”, Rob enthuses.


The beers are of such quality that they are being recognized nationally. The latest finalist were announced for the SAB Craft Brewers Championship and two beers from the Co-Op have been shortlisted. Hopping Frog Brewworks, Rambunctious Rye and Ukhamba Beerworx & HopHazard Brewing collaboration, The Red Brick Shit House barley Wine.


Beerhouse on Long will introduce a special new tap for the Co-op that we will be rotating their variety of beers. Starting with Rob’s Damnation Brewing Lone Wolf American Pale Ale.


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Taking inspiration from rock legends and songs, the RedRock range celebrates life, music and great times. For many, Rock is not merely about the music; it’s a way of life that symbolizes freedom, rebelliousness, creativity and non-conformity – a universally shared history.


RedRock beers are a celebration of all that is good.

Born in Cape Town, trained as a botanist, passionate about conservation and inspired by great beer, cider and food. After living for almost three years in craft beer and cider heaven, the Pacific North West of the US, I’ve decided to bring this all together as Little Wolf Brewery.


My dream is to bring a new level of creative, complex and inspiring drinks to the South African market. There are so many great flavour combinations out there, just waiting to be discovered and I can’t wait to be the one who does it!

Lakeside came to be when Morne and Pierre-Charl met at a braai in 2012. United by an appreciation for craft beer, they decided to give collaborative brewing a go in Pierre-Charl’s garage situated on the edge of Zandvlei in Lakeside, Cape Town. Morne was already an experienced home brewer when the two met and what began as a hobby for these guys soon turned into an entrepreneurial endeavour. Pierre-Charl left politics where he served as the spokesperson for Helen Zille and Morne’s job as a financial adviser was also soon history. They began to brew at Honingklip brewery owned by Mark and Analize ter Morshuizen, located on the R43 on the way to Hermanus. An idyllic setting complete with two golden Labradors, granadilla vines, pomegranate trees and a grand view of the Botrivier valley. On 15 July 2013, Lakeside Beerworks bought the well-loved Valley Brewery in Kommetjie. This carefully designed brewery has long been the envy of home and micro-brewers alike.

We are a proud local Cape Town Craft Beer brand. Brewed under licence at The Brewer's Co-Op in Woodstock.

Our approach to brewing is collaborative. Tom Nowicki is our Brewing Director overseeing recipe development, quality control, brewing strategy and all things scientific. Tom is a geologist and expert in the field of diamond exploration and evaluation. Brewing beer is his yang to a very specialised yin. Byron Damonze, the Brewer and a former student of politics and psychology, runs the daily brewing operations under Tom’s guidance. Sommelier Joakim Hansi Blackadder brings his talented Swedish palate to development and quality management including sales and distribution for the brewery. Chef PJ Vadas works creatively with the team to align the Hoghouse brand and flavours by tasting loads of beer, naturally.

Woodstock Brewery now produces and distributes 10 different brews, including seasonals and speciality brews.

The journey for Woodstock Brewery began in Korea when Andre Viljoen decided that he wanted to try out something entrepreneurial and move back to the Mother City. The decision to go with a brewery was inspired by the fact that it was a perfect combination of art, business and science. In addition, there was a big gap in the craft beer market in South Africa. Andre bought the building off of the internet using Google Street View in a neighborhood which was, at the time, the burgeoning foodie center of Cape Town. The building was a mass of concrete, perfect for a brewery, which would otherwise have ended up as a landfill.

More info on Bugler's Beerworks coming soon!

The Norse God of Brewing & an all-powerful Sea Giant who controls the ocean. Loved by the gods, feared by sailors.

The name Drifter came from the 40' sailing yacht that Nick's parents designed and built in their backyard in the late '70s. They sailed around the world on Drifter for almost 10 years. Though the boat is no longer in the family's ownership, Drifter is still around and resides in Gordon's Bay, South Africa.


Drifter symbolises adventure, creativity and craftsmanship which is what we strive for in our beers.





At Stickman Brewery we believe in crafting the finest beers with the best available malted barley and hops sourced from both local and overseas suppliers. We pride ourselves with the quality of our beers and every batch goes through a quality control process that includes tasting by an expert panel (sorry, no more vacancies for those positions)

Reservations : 021 788 2453 | | Right Of Admission Reserved | Licenced - WCP/037570


Service charge not included (10% recommended). A service charge of 10% will be added to the dockets of tables of 6 or more persons.